Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need special software to run TimeClock?

No. There is nothing to install. All you need is a web browser. TimeClock has been tested thoroughly to run on all web browsers. Time Clock can even be accessed from a web enabled phone.


I have several employees that have never used a computer. Will TimeClock involve a lot of training?

No, TimeClock was originally designed to meet the needs of a small company that had a need for a better way of tracking employee hours. Several of those employees had never used a computer before.


How do I link to TimeClock? I copied the link from my web browser and it keeps changing and doing weird things.

Bookmark the following URL to access your punchedin TimeClock.


Be sure to replace "MYCOMPANYID" with the company ID you used when signing up. More information can be found here.

Time and Time zones

How do I Set the clock for my timezone?

Login to the Administrator screen and click Preferences. Next, click Set Time. From here you can set your clock and Daylight Saving Preference.


Is TimeClock secure?

Yes, TimeClock has several security features depending on your companies needs. It can be secured to a single computer with cookie security, or a group of computers with IP security.


How much does TimeClock cost?

Time Clock costs $129.00 annually. This is prepaid each year. At the end of the year a usage fee based on the number of employees that used the system each month is billed. Refer to our billing page for detailed breakdown of our pricing structure. Remember you will only be charged for actual usage.


Is TimeClock customizable?

Yes, You can add your own company logo, and choose from a variety of themes for TimeClock's look and feel.

Trouble Logging In to the Administration part

I changed my login style to Employee ID and Password, now I can't login as administrator. What can I do?

<-- Use Admin here to administer your timeclock

When using Employee ID and Password for the login style simply user "Admin" for the Employee ID and your Admin password to login to the Administrative side.

Reseller Program

Can I sell TimeClock on my website?

Yes, Contact us about our reseller program.

Deleting/Modifying Punch Records

I am trying to delete an erronous punch. How do I do it?

As a general rule deletions are not allowed. This sometimes generates a "cluttery" timecard, but it gives you, and your employees the confidence that a full history is always maintained. The general idea is that errors occur and are fixed/adjusted and not deleted.


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