Going Paperless?

Your Cloud Time Clock. On Payday: Print. Done.

Great For Small Businesses Like Yours!

Web Based, Online Time Clock and Time Cards

No Server installation, Simple Setup. Put your Time Clock online with Punched in. Create your Time cards using our Web Based interface and stop manually entering in TimeCard and Timeclock details.

Our Cloud and Web based Time Clock is reliable and secure. Great for any size business, but we specialize in small businesses. Business owners, bookkeepers and payroll professionals finally have a Time Clock designed specifically for them. Use it to track employee's time, vacation, paid time off. Free Trial for 30 days.

Web Based

Because our solution is web based there is no software to install or maintain. Updates are delivered immediatly to all customers. The only thing you have to remember to use our system is your company ID.


When you use our solution you can brand it with your company's information and even upload a logo for your company.

Adding your company logo and employee images is very easy. No need to format them in a special way. Simply upload your images. Resizing and purposing will be done automatically.


If you are concerned about your employees punching in from home you can activeate the security features to restrict punching in and out from only the machines you allow.