punched in Details

Simple, Powerful, Web-based

Put your time clock on the web with a punched in time clock!

Employees punch in or out with our Time Clock interface. Employees have full access to their timecard. Manual punches are always stamped with the actual punch time.

All these FeaturesWhat You Get
Employee ManagementYes
Flexible Pay Periods generated automatically (or manually)Yes
Compute Simple OvertimeYes
Compute daily and weekly overtimeYes
Manage Employee Vacations and Time OffYes
Manual PunchesYes (Always noted)
Full Audit TrailYes
Web, PDF, and Excel ReportsYes
Automatically Deduct Lunch from ShiftYes
Supports shifts greater than 24 hoursYes
Shifts can span from one day to the nextYes
Password Only LoginsYes
Restrict access to one or multiple machines onlyYes
Departmental controlsYes
Supports Daylight Saving TimeYes
Employee PhotosYes
Can be branded with your company LogoYes
Third party API accessYes

Sample Time Card


Are you tired of manually adding employee punch cards? Web Based Time Clock can do the work for you.

Administrative adjustments can be added for greater flexibility. Setup your pay period and when payday comes simply run reports for approval and payroll.

Time Clock has a very simple user interface. It has been designed for small businesses. You will master it in minutes. It is very easy to setup and use with our setup wizard. Time is linked to our server's clock. Employees can't change the clock. Use our Link Builder to Add Time Clock to your web site, or to simply add an icon to your workstations. Brand Time Clock with your corporate Logo. No Billing surprises.

Go ahead and try it out first. Our demonstration comes with helpful hints as you explore its feature set. Feel free to put it through its paces. Test all of the features to see how powerful it really is.

Time Clock can be configured to meet your special punch card needs. Easily change the way employees log in with several choices. Authenticate users for punching in and out with your company email. Departments help distribute administrative tasks.

Time Clock has been successfully used in small and large companies. Take a look at some of the screen shots.

If you have other web based applications you desire to connect to your punchedin.com time clock you can use our API. Learn more here.

Still interested? For detailed pricing information look at our pricing page.


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